The Case of the Killer Lacefront

Lacefront wearers beware: the glue that you’re using may cause an allergic reaction, even a skin infection. If you don’t believe me, ask actress Countess Vaughn.

Most of us remember Countess Vaughn as Kim Parker from the hit TV shows Moesha and The Parkers (Heyyy Professor Ogilvee), however she’s been out of the spotlight. This week, Countess appeared on the talk show, The Doctors, to discuss the dangers of wearing lacefront wigs and how wearing them has affected her.

Countess was introduced to the lacefront back in 2004 by her hairstylist and like some many wig/weave wearers, she immediately became a fan of the hair. However in 2009, she began to notice pus around her edges, discoloration in her face, and a pungent smell from her scalp after reapply wig glue to her hairline. A few months later, Countess went to a dermatologist where she discovered she contracted a skin infection from the glue. Check out some of the pictures below.

Now ladies(and gays), I know the lace fronts look good and they help you transform into another person. However you must take care of your natural hair. That means let your edges breathe and learn to occasionally wear your natural hair. If all else fails, just go bald and then wear wigs.

Remember don’t go chasing lacefronts, stick to the quick weaves and the sew-ins that you’re use to. If you don’t, you might not have no edges at all and you can develop several skin rashes.

Check out Countess Vaughn’s segment from The Doctors below and like always, share your thoughts.